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Keeping Breakfast in the Kremlin Safe.

Happy World Nutella Day! It’s been a strange few months for this sweet treat spread. Considering a jar of Nutella is sold every 2.5 seconds, the love from consumers seem to be quashing any negative stories that have recently hit the brand.

Don't Miss the IRR17 Deadline
If your company uses x-ray equipment you need to make sure you re-register on the new IRR17!
Merry Christmas from Cheyney

Cheyney Design and Development would like to wish all our customers a very happy Christmas and New Year.

The Camembert Inspection Solution
Cheney stablemate, Sapphire Inspection Solutions offers an insight to their x-ray inspection solution for a tricky cheese.
New Xray Inspection
Euroscan launches new Xray inspection services company. Conveniently located just off the M1/J36, the offers fast turnaround food and consumer product and Xray machine rental.
Platform 2015
The new 2015 Platform is released.  Featuring a new range of high reliably hardware and software framework designed for differentiation, along with drop-in replacement components.
Cheyney has moved!
Cheyney is moving to a new,  larger facility, from January 2010.
Sapphire 2009 training
The 2009 Sapphire training week has taken place at Cheyneys Lodge.
Sapphire Technical Conference
The 2009 Sapphire Alliance Technical Conference has been held in the Nihon Room at Pembroke College, Cambridge.  We have been pleased to welcome delegates from Australia, France, Germany, Spain, USA and United Kingdom.
Mobile Xray at France Scan
France Scan has taken delivery of a new mobile system for product rework and recovery.
Featured project
Flame-retardant paper
Flame-retardant material is analysed and recovered with CDD special solution.
Company History
Company History
The Cheyney team started together in the early 1980’s developing some of the first automated gauging and statistical process control systems. Early adopters of the technology included the automotive majors such as Ford Motor Company, General Motors and Rover Group. Well over 1000 automated gauging systems were designed, manufactured and installed for in-process and off-line applications. The included special motorised gauges for aero-engine fan blades, in-process closed loop gauging of pistons, and military components – and factory-wide networking using fibre optic links.

Early in our history, development commenced on Xray components and automatic vision systems. We worked on some of the very first linear diode array Xray detectors as well as imaging electronics for both optical and Xray applications. Specialist vision systems were developed for applications such as packaging (bottles, closures), engine components (oil filters, valve seats, piston rings) and pharmaceutical inspection (ampoules, vials, tablets)

Having spent many years designing modules and software for other Xray companies, we started manufacture of our own range automatic Xray inspection machines and quickly became a world authority in this technology area – supplying components and expertise to over 50% of the global market. After a brief period as part of a major international group, the team has reformed as founder member and technology partner of the Sapphire Alliance® group of Xray manufacturers.

Company History
Company History
Company History
Company History
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