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Platform 2015
The new 2015 Platform is released.  Featuring a new range of high reliably hardware and software framework designed for differentiation, along with drop-in replacement components.
Cheyney Research
Cheyney has launched a new research division.  A Cambridge University spin-out company, it is called Cambridge Xray Systems.   Its focus is Carbon Nanotube (CNT) Xray sources and high resolution detectors
New Xray Inspection
Euroscan launches new Xray inspection services company.   Conveniently located just off M1/J36, the company offers fast turnaround food and consumer product services and Xray machine rental.
Cheyney has moved!
Cheyney has moved to a new,  larger facility, from January 2010.
Sapphire 2015 Training
The Sapphire 2015 training course will be held at New Cambridge House, during the 10th and 11th December 2015.   Scope of course is Service and Applications.
Featured project
Analysis of Abrasive wheels
Abrasive cutting wheels operate at very high speeds – low density regions within the wheel can be very hazardous.
Cheyney Design and Development
The Cheyney team are the innovators of low energy end-of-line inspection, and today bring to the market the most advanced component design for reliability, highest speed and functional performance.   This provides major benefits in terms of resolution, extended lifetime and excellent thermal characteristics.

As part of an end-of-line inspection system the very best product analysis is achieved by the computer controlled family of low energy generators and the high performance computer image analysis system, making Cheyney’s “Sapphire-powered” inspection systems superior at detecting small statistical variations in the product that signal contamination or deviation from accepted specifications. Sophisticated image processing toolkits provide immediate analysis, detection and rejection – automatically.
CDD also undertake special projects, including the development of customised inspection applications, proof-of-concept studies and machine development. Our resources include software, electronic design, logic array development mechanical design and documentation.
CDD DE series Xray Detectors
Cheyney are the innovators of Linear Diode Arrays for Xray detection.   We now have more than 30 years of experience in designing and manufacturing Xray detectors.
CDD Hardware Control Cards
End-of-line Xray systems comprise a series of mandatory hardware interface functions. A family of Xray Control Circuits is available to implement this in a robust and simple way.
CDD XG series Xray Generators
An exceptionally reliable range of air-cooled generators, incorporating automatic logging and storage of oil temperature, cooling performance and critical parameters.
CDD Intelligent Detectors
The Cheyney ID range of Detector Sub-systems has evolved from the challenge of seeking more serviceable and cost-effective solutions for entry level end-of-line Xray inspection systems.
CDD Xray Product Platform
Complete program of Xray system components designed to deliver a comprehensive range of End-of-Line inspection systems to equipment manufacturers.
CDD Image acquisition cards
A complete range of data capture cards for real-time Xray detectors, and for other data sources including vision, laser scanning and load cells.

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